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Creative businesses need creative bookkeeping & tax prep

Firestorm Finance offers comprehensive bookkeeping services, advanced financial analysis, and time-saving tax prep services for creative entrepreneurs who are too busy to keep the books but excited to use their financials in order to grow! During your free discovery call, we’ll talk about your current process and help you decide which bookkeeping package is best for your needs! We can also help you strategize for tax season. Keep reading to learn how it works!

Bookkeeping Packages

Basic Bookkeeper Bliss

Creative Cashflow Maestro

Master of
Money Magic

This package includes essential bookkeeping services tailored to creative entrepreneurs just starting. It covers the basics of keeping your finances in order and staying tax-compliant.

  • Bookkeeping is done on a quarterly basis
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Statement of Cash Flows
  • Email Support Only
  • QuickBooks / Xero Subscription (Add-On Not Included)

This package is designed for those looking to optimize their financial performance. It includes in-depth financial analysis and tax planning to help your creative business thrive.

  • Bookkeeping is done on a monthly basis
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Statement of Cash Flows
  • Email & phone support
  • QuickBooks Online / Xero Subscription Included
  • Tax Planner Pro Subscription Included
  • Quarterly Tax Advice

For creative entrepreneurs who want comprehensive financial management and guidance, this package offers a full spectrum of services to make your business finances truly enchanting.

  • Bookkeeping is done on a weekly basis
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Statement of Cash Flows
  • Email, phone & video support
  • QuickBooks Online / Xero Subscription Included
  • Tax Planner Pro Subscription Included
  • Monthly tax advice
  • Budgeting advice and implementation
  • Profitability advice
  • Inventory control advice and guidance
  • Operations and process evaluation and improvement advice

Bookkeeping & Tax Prep for Creatives

Want to know what kind of add-ons might be added to your proposal? Here are all the add-ons we offer to our clients!

Wondering how it all works?

Here's the deal

First, we'll meet up and chat.

During our initial call, we'll get to know each other better and learn about your unique business needs. That way, we can create a customized package that is totally based on what you need - never more, never less!

Now it's time to get creative with our plan.

After your free discovery call, we'll send you a customized proposal with all of the services you need! We may ask you for accountant access to your books during this step so that we can provide the most accurate assessment possible. We'll also share any recommendations we have to help streamline your process and improve it!

Next, we'll play catch up and get your books squeaky clean.

If you've been DIYing your books or your previous bookkeeper made mistakes, you'll need to start with a comprehensive clean up or catch up. In many cases, you'll need to do both! This step will ensure that your books are all set for the awesome work we'll be doing together.

From now on, we'll keep you current & support you any time.

One of the biggest benefits of working with Firestorm Finance is that we keep your books up to date so that you can have access to your financials any time you need them. We'll also provide support when you need it and answer questions any time. We're always an email away!

We'll work with you to create a better business.

Proactive guidance and a deep understanding of your business's finances is key to running a thriving and successful creative business. We help you do just that by diving deep into your financials and providing expert analysis of your numbers that you can take action on. We're down to strategize your growth any time!

It's time to stop stressing about finances and start creating a thriving and successful business

Schedule a free discovery call to learn how!